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Emotional Wellness

20 Truths About My Past

1. My past is not what defines me. It is empowering me to become someone I’ve never been before. 2. My past is uniquely insightful. It is proving that

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Building Character

20 Truths About Single Moms

l. She has four legs, four arms, and two hearts—equaling double the love.2. She carries twice the work load and twice the stress but gets twice the hugs. 3.

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Grief & Loss


Well, single mom, it’s that time of year…CHRISTMAS. Everywhere you look you see festive lights twinkling in the night, Salvation Army volunteers ringing their bells, and TV commercials

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Holiday traditions
Emotional Wellness

Holiday Traditions

As a single mom, the most uncertain time for me was always the holidays. Sometimes I had my boys; other times I didn’t. Sometimes plans had to change

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Legacy of Faith

Managing Margin

As women we try to be super heroes. Our capes encircle our necks as we swoop in to rescue our families, especially our children. We exert so much

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Everyday Life

God, My Husband – Living Single

As single women we deal with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Although there are pros to living single, the other side is overwhelming. I love doing

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Life Lessons

More Than a Vacation

When my boys were three and nine years old, I read an article about the value of giving children experiences over material things. I was a single mom

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