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Building Character

Detours & Roadblocks

I excitedly prepared to head off for a conference in Grand Junction, Colorado, early the next morning. My confidence ebbed and flowed as I packed my car, ensuring

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Emotional Wellness

Mama’s Mental Health

“I faced a time of great suffering and uncertainty after experiencing a car wreck that resulted in many injuries. My body was beat up, I had a brain

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Hard Times
Building Character

Living In Hard Times

Am I the only one that feels this way, or have you noticed, too? THESE ARE HARD TIMES! Not exactly a positive way to introduce a blog, but

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Follow Jesus
Legacy of Faith

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

A few years ago I spoke at a conference with the theme “Though None Go with Me.” Once I heard the title, my mind started racing with all

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Building Character

Fear Is Not Your Puppet Master

I’m just so tired of being a puppet on a string, controlled by fear. Can someone please pass me the scissors so I can cut the ties that

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Everyday Life

God Is Greater

God is greater than anything. Do you believe that? We’ve probably all believed in God’s power for our friend or family member’s circumstances, but it’s much harder to

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The Right Spot

Today as I was watering my plants I thought about you, single moms, and your children. Not every plant grows in the same way. Some plants want morning

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For Such a Time as This

Have you ever been a bit fearful about the kind of world your children are growing up in? Have you ever felt inadequate in how to parent them

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Life Lessons

Give Joy to Get Joy

Can someone explain to me why skateboards don’t have brakes? I’ve always tried to be a student of my children. When they’re interested in something, I become interested

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