Kim Heinecke

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Not a Hill to Die On

Are you managing your expectations or are they managing you? If you’ve ever cried the words, “I can’t keep up!” this session is for you. You can’t keep up, so pack light for that guilt trip. The stress of managing a family and living up to the expectations we place on ourselves is fuel for exhaustion and disappointment. How do we discern what’s important or where we should spend our time? The mom next door isn’t the standard, and your calendar isn’t your boss. Spend your moments on what matters most and realize not everything is a hill to die on. Join Kim for a lighthearted look at how to take the pressure off and live with renewed purpose.

Kim has been juggling the demands of motherhood for almost 25 years—sometimes with grace and wisdom but often with a white-knuckled grip on her sanity. She has written and recorded online Bible studies for Arise and served on staff for 12 years. When she isn’t learning random bits of science trivia, she can be found cheering her kids on at sports and pretending to understand the rules of the game. She and her husband have finally reached the halfway point of raising four sons.