Video Resources


Emotional Wellness


Sometimes as a single mom, you feel the pressure to be both mom and dad. In those times it’s so important to remember your heavenly Father! Join Sarah Rhodes as she shares her story of becoming a single mother and learning to lean into God.




Should you consider buying a house or continue renting? Jill Castilla, President and CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, explains the home buying process and gives you insight on the right decision for you and your family.




Are you overwhelmed by everything on your calendar? A family care plan may be the answer for you! Join Cyndi Schatzman as she explains how to create a family care plan that will help you plan for you and your children.





Jon Cook describes the value of healthy, God-honoring friendships. How can strong friendships with other believers encourage you to live and love well?

Spiritual Growth


How do you see yourself? Do you see what Christ sees, or what the world sees? Join Anna Light, author of In_Security: Break Free From What Holds You Back, as she shares how your identity is founded in Jesus and that is the only thing that can define you.



As a single parent who works full time, how do you balance work and home life? Kay Robinson offers her tips for juggling a career and a busy single-mom lifestyle. Learn important steps to make your family the number-one priority.